Custom Bold Illustrations

Our research and discovery stage gives us the chance to highlight design opportunities. Then I get to work on creating more engaging, intuitive experiences for your customers that vividly communicate your brand’s messaging.

Why Digital Illustration?

If you want to be remembered, be bold and stand out.

Strong design shines in your packaging, web and marketing efforts like Amazon, Social Media and Advertising.

A professional look will establish solid confidence in your brand and help encourage repeat visits and customer growth.

What to expect

We’ll start the process by asking important questions to understand your needs and what direction we choose best fits.

“What values do you believe are reflected in your current brand?”

“Are there new values you want reflected?” 

“How much of your current brand equity would you want to maintain?”.


The information I gather will help us figure out the optimal strategy to modernize your brand’s look and feel.

Design Concepts/Sketches

I'll go through iterations of ideas for your business identity and try out several approaches in terms of direction. Then i'll start making precise variations focusing on black/white to allow you to appreciate the structure before all else. The style comes next and how all the elements are working together helps me determine where to head in terms of color. These ideas are then presented to you to continue the collaboration.

Color palettes

What colors represent your brand’s goals and personality?

How consistent will the color be online and on print?

What colors will serve as accents or dominant colors?

Is there a way to update the tone of your current color to keep some equity or serve as reminder about your brand’s history?


These are some of the questions I enjoy thinking about when putting together groups of color to best represent your brand and its future identity.

Black is a corporate color: a prestigious one that is. It boosts confidence, and teases a lot of possibilities, as well as inducing feelings associated with emptiness.


So, if you want to give your logo design an air of mystery and power, then you can count on black,

Yellow stands for happiness, clarity, energy, optimism, and intellect.

The color yellow helps activate the memory, encourage communication, enhance vision, build confidence so it is best to use color yellow in a balanced way in your logo designs.

White represents coolness and simplicity; therefore, color white aids mental clarity, assists in cleanliness, and promotes thought and purifications.


Using white in your logo design makes it look simple and clean, and since simplicity is the new trend in logo design today, you might want to consider incorporating this in your logo design.

Final Custom Design Package 

After all that work put in to update your identity and create a new look, type, colors, i’ll collect all the guidelines into one branded document for any designer or marketer to follow when working with your new brand identity. This document will serve as your guide when developing other documents such as business cards, marketing collateral and web assets. I'll map out all specifics related to your new brand style across all channels so that your new brand identity can remain consistent and on top of mind with your end users.

Let us begin!

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