Digital Illustrations

Puerto Rico Poster

Custom illustration of Puerto Ricos amazing rainforest. Complimentary colors and strong imagery were the focus for this digital illustration.

Food Truck Fest Poster

Food Truck festival poster. The main focus here was typography, keeping all of the information well placed while still having a bold and bright design to catch & keep the attention of onlookers.

Summer Party Poster

Poster design created for a client hosting a summer party. Custom vector art was requested, using bold typography ​while keeping the same feel and theme of a warm summer day.

Self Help Poster

Self help infographic displaying custom illustrations and the use of 1 color to keep a simple color scheme and allowing the artwork to speak for itself. 

Workplace Safety Poster

Striking red workplace infographic aimed for a quick and obvious eye catcher. Geometric shapes and typography​ were the driving force of this poster design.